It’s no news that baseball is an amazing activity and a great way to introduce children to the world of sports. But benefits of baseball don’t end here, and this game is so much more than teaching  kids the value of teamwork.

Turns out baseball is a great way for your children to stay fit and healthy – if they play on a regular basis, of course. Here are some of the top amazing health benefits of baseball to consider:

Improved overall fitness. According to the Sports Fitness Advisor website, a typical professional baseball player is a lean individual with healthy body fat percentage, able to run 60 yards in under just seven seconds. Sounds impressive? This level of fitness and health is very achievable for your children, should they continue playing

Excellent cardiovascular training. Baseball involves vigorous running around the field, which is an endurance activity. Cardio exercise promotes improved lung capacity and cardiovascular health. Best of all, everyone on the field gets equal opportunities to run around a lot, from running the bases to chasing this stubborn foul ball.

Strong arms and legs. Swinging a bat, as well as throwing and catching the ball, are all excellent opportunities to build arm strength. On the other side, moving around, squatting, throwing and jumping engages all leg muscles. As a bonus, baseball promotes great joint flexibility. Best of all, it’s not like baseball works out muscles in isolation – coordination gets a boost as well.

Calorie burning. Moving too little and eating too much plagues all modern humans, both young and old. Baseball may very well be the answer to shaking off some unwanted calories – according to, a person who weighs 160 pounds can burn 365 calories an hour playing baseball. What a metabolism booster!

baseball-for-children3Stress relief. Children have to deal with a lot of information and demands on a daily basis, which increases stress levels dramatically. Getting involved in sports such as baseball helps to develop mental focus and shake off the stress of the day.

Extra sun exposure. Modern kids tend to spend a little bit too much time indoors, and as a result, many of them don’t get recommended amounts of sun exposure. Luckily, a typical baseball game happens outdoors, which means extra portion of sunlight! More sun – more vitamin D, which means improved mood and healthier bones.

Sharp mind. Engaging in activities such as baseball promotes quick thinking, as some decisions have to be made on the field within split-seconds! This keeps mind sharp and alert at all times, as well as improves concentration. These super-abilities definitely come handy at school, helping your child perform better and get over the hurdles of homework much quicker compared to more sedentary kids.

There you have it – after reading this article, you can rest assured your kids are not only having fun at their baseball training, but are also sneakily taking advantage of all the benefits above and much more! And remember, regular practice makes perfect – both performance and health-wise.

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Amazing health benefits of baseball for children

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